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Internet Explorer 8 – Proven to be the Fastest Browser..!

Posted by hilbertv on April 17, 2009

          IE 8 seems to be have a lot new features but what about its performance..? The answer is ‘Yes, Its the best Performer..!’.

        An Official video on the performance of IE8 was released by Microsoft which compares the speed of the various browsers in the market including Firefox 3.05 and Chrome 1.0 with IE8. The test result was encouraging, proving IE 8 to be the fastest browser among its competitors.

         Have a look at the Video..!


         The Results are,

             Internet Explorer 8 Loads faster on

                                  * 5 of the Top 10 websites

                                  * 12 of the Top 25 websites

                                  * 3 Times as many as FireFox

                                  * 1/3 more than Chrome

        Surprising..! I love using Internet Explorer 8..!


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