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BSoD issue in Windows 7 RC – Not a Problem..!

Posted by hilbertv on May 17, 2009

                        When Windows 7 RC was released a hot topic that hit the Windows 7 discussion forums most was the BSoD issue. BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) as people know is the Blue screen which occurs during some critical issue and shuts down the computer with force.                                                                                   

                    Lot of people experienced this issue while trying to install Windows 7 RC. I would like to make it clear that this issue is not in Windows 7 RC Ultimate, which Microsoft claims as the Official Release Candidate. BSoD happens only in the Windows 7 RC Checked/Debug version. Lot of people misunderstood and installed the later one.

                    However the reason for the BSoD here (as suspected by analyzing the Dump BSoDfiles) is a corrupt driver file which crashes during the boot time. It could be confirmed by various ways, as everything goes well till the drivers get loaded.

                    A week later, I came across various posts saying that the BSoD issue is solved in Build 7127, but dear friends it is to be noted that a lot of Windows 7 supporting sites claim that build 7127 is leaked and is not officially released till date.


                  There no need of using a leaked version as the official Windows 7 RC Ultimate is flawless and comfortable.



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