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AutoCollage: Summarize Your Adventures with a Click.

Posted by hilbertv on February 4, 2009

AutoCollage, an easy, novel framework for the automatic creation of representative collages from collections of photos, became available to the general public on Sept. 4 from Microsoft Research. Utilizing a collection of sophisticated technological techniques, AutoCollage is simple to use, produces attractive imagery, and, perhaps most important, is a whole lot of fun.

It works like this: AutoCollage—which works with either Windows Vista or Windows XP Service Pack 2 and above—cuts out interesting parts of photos and combines them together, following natural features as boundaries between images. The selected pieces are sized similarly and assembled into a pleasing whole.y1pxZlAJuxo_GDbs45jY3n3Yp8Q3YpmLNUobS_KSarfqzJfVLd382mogikMObqtUimtbx9bVBdVesQ

Photo: V.Hilbert, Microsoft Student Partner presenting the Technical Sessions.

“The most significant feature that differentiates AutoCollage is that it offers exceptionally sophisticated blending technology for photographs, powered by state-of-the-art computer-vision techniques.” – Alisson Sol, Dev.Manager, Incubation and Tech Transfer Team.

The AutoCollage application, driven by the Microsoft Research Cambridge Incubation team, is a result of worldwide collaboration. Although much of the work was performed at Microsoft Research Cambridge—with the Computer Vision, Incubation and Tech Transfer, Computer-Mediated Living, and Constraint Reasoning groups at that lab all making contributions—Microsoft Research associates in Redmond and Beijing also played key roles.


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