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Imagine Cup Egypt ‘09 has Dawn..!

Posted by hilbertv on January 26, 2009

IC '09

Imagine Cup Egypt’ 09 has Dawn!

 The World’s most Premier Student Technology Competition has begun. The Theme for this year is to help the world by providing technical solutions for the Eight Millennium Goals as identified by the United Nations. The various competitions available are,

  1. Software Design
  2. Embedded Development
  3. Game Development
  4. Robotics & Algorithms
  5. IT Challenge
  6. Mashup
  7. Photo story
  8. Short Film

Wish You all the Best…! thumbs_up

Go to Imagine Cup…


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RoboChamps is Back..!

Posted by hilbertv on January 16, 2009


RoboChamps Season has begun! Let’s Start Automating…

RoboChamps is a new robotics programming league that removes those barriers to entry and makes robotics available to a broad audience. RoboChamps is based in simulation, which removes the barriers to entry of availability, cost, and deep hardware knowledge. RoboChamps is more specifically built on top of the simulation functionality provided in Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008, which means that you can program your robots using the .NET languages that you are already familiar with.

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