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Blog Under Maintenance

Posted by hilbertv on January 30, 2010

Friends, My Blog is under maintenance and will bring you more exciting news on Technology, Soon..!

Thanks for waiting..!


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Get Live twitter updates on Microsoft Worldwide partner Conference ‘09

Posted by hilbertv on July 9, 2009

         Microsoft Worldwide partner Conference is a prestigious event organized by Microsoft, year after year towards its business partners. This year WPC’09 – Worldwide Partner Conference [MICROSOFT. PARTNERING POWER] is being held in New Orleans from July 13 – 16 (pacific time) at Earnest Morial Convention Center.

The primary reasons behind this event are,

                        * To learn about Microsoft Strategy from top executives.

                        * To forge new relationships.

                        * Map business plans for the upcoming year.

                        * Hear firsthand how the Partner Program is evolving  to better serve the Partners

The event is very formally organized with following interesting happenings:

                          * Keynotes from a lot of MS key executives including Steve B and industry leader Jack Welch..!

                          * Technical sessions on latest technologies are daily.

                          * Great Contests..!

                          * Amusing Fun filled activities, JAZZ FEST and a lot more..!

     In order to keep you guys updated with all proceedings, we have decided to provide live twitter updates..!

    You can follow me @HilbertV for those updates..! (My twitter page here)

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ASP.NET + Cloud Computing: The Most welcomed Webcasts from Microsoft..!

Posted by hilbertv on June 23, 2009

               A Super hot Technology which has created a large buzz among the Tech folks recently is ‘Cloud Computing’. Where ever I go, Who ever I meet, I have started shouting “Hey, The Cloud is with me and had made me to make impossible things possible, yet being economical..!”, I could hear the person claiming the same..!

             Now the most welcomed Webcasts on ASP.NET + Cloud Computing is on the go and is scheduled as five sessions from 22nd of June, 2009 to 26th of June,2009. The details are as below:

Session Title






22nd June, 2009

11.am to 12.30 pm IST


Harish Ranganathan


22nd June, 2009

4.00 pm to 5.30 IST


Harish Ranganathan

ADO.NET Data Services

23rd June, 2009

11.am to 12.30 pm IST


Harish Ranganathan

ADO.NET Data Services

23rd June, 2009

4.00 pm to 5.50 pm IST


Harish Ranganathan

Introduction to Windows Azure

24th June, 2009

11.00 am to 12.30 pm IST


Harish Ranganathan & Saranya Sriram

Introduction to Windows Azure

24th June, 2009

4.00 pm to 5.30 m IST


Harish Ranganathan & Saranya Sriram

Moving Data to the Cloud

25th June, 2009

11.00 an to 12.30 pm IST


Saranya Sriram

Moving Data to the Cloud

25th June, 2009

4.00 pm to 5.30 pm IST


Saranya Sriram

Migrating ASP.NET Application on to Cloud

26th June, 2009

11.00 am to 12.30 pm IST


Saranya Sriram

Migrating ASP.NET Application on to Cloud

26th June, 2009

4.00 pm to 5.30 pm IST


Saranya Sriram

To take part in this online event, visit: www.microsoft.com/india/webcasts 

Wish you a happing learning..!

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How to get Feedback Tool on Windows 7 RC..?

Posted by hilbertv on May 28, 2009

                Windows 7 Feedback Tool is a Pre-release only tool and the launch UI for the Feedback tool could not be found in Windows 7 RC as in Betas. But still the tool is in Windows 7 RC and you can report bugs..!

               You will not be able to find the Feedback Tool in start menu but rather it could be started by entering the following in Command prompt.

                                   rundll32.exe FeedbackTool.dll,ShowWizard

                   Please do remember that the above is case sensitive. To be productive enough you can create a shortcut as follows:

                                1. Right click on the desktop and select New, Shortcut.

                                2. Enter “rundll32.exe FeedbackTool.dll,ShowWizard” (less the Quotes) in ‘Enter the Location of the Item’ field.

                                3. Click Next, and provide shortcut name as “Send Feedback”.

                                4. Click Finish, and it is done.

                 As Microsoft Claims Windows 7 RC as a stronger build you are limited to report bugs only on the following grounds,

                                  * Issues that Prevent installation or Upgrade.

                                  * Any issues that involve data loss or corruption.

                                  * Security issues.

                                  * Regression from Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7 Beta (Things worked before but not in RC)

                                 * Any application or device issues that prevent you form using Windows 7 as your primary OS.

                                 * Reproducible Crashes or hangs (issues that you cannot reproduce will be captured by CEIP Telemetry).

                     Be sure that you have activated you copy of Windows 7 RC prior to using Feedback tool.


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BSoD issue in Windows 7 RC – Not a Problem..!

Posted by hilbertv on May 17, 2009

                        When Windows 7 RC was released a hot topic that hit the Windows 7 discussion forums most was the BSoD issue. BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) as people know is the Blue screen which occurs during some critical issue and shuts down the computer with force.                                                                                   

                    Lot of people experienced this issue while trying to install Windows 7 RC. I would like to make it clear that this issue is not in Windows 7 RC Ultimate, which Microsoft claims as the Official Release Candidate. BSoD happens only in the Windows 7 RC Checked/Debug version. Lot of people misunderstood and installed the later one.

                    However the reason for the BSoD here (as suspected by analyzing the Dump BSoDfiles) is a corrupt driver file which crashes during the boot time. It could be confirmed by various ways, as everything goes well till the drivers get loaded.

                    A week later, I came across various posts saying that the BSoD issue is solved in Build 7127, but dear friends it is to be noted that a lot of Windows 7 supporting sites claim that build 7127 is leaked and is not officially released till date.


                  There no need of using a leaked version as the official Windows 7 RC Ultimate is flawless and comfortable.


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Windows 7 RC Released..!

Posted by hilbertv on May 6, 2009

             Hey..! Its a happy news for all… Windows 7 RC was released for public now..!

          Windows 7 RC was available for download from 30th of April, 2009 for the MSDN and TechNet subscribers but now it is available for the public from 5th of May, 2009. You can download it from here.

          However as all Release candidates Windows 7 will also expire and it is good to plan ahead to rebuild your test machines.

The Check points are,


Expiry Date

Start of Bi-hourly Shutdown

Windows 7 Beta

August 1, 2009

July 1, 2009

Windows 7 RC

June 1, 2010

March 1, 2010


             Windows 7 RC is a much more stable version than Windows 7 Beta and indeed it the right kind of OS, I was waiting for..!

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Internet Explorer 8 – Proven to be the Fastest Browser..!

Posted by hilbertv on April 17, 2009

          IE 8 seems to be have a lot new features but what about its performance..? The answer is ‘Yes, Its the best Performer..!’.

        An Official video on the performance of IE8 was released by Microsoft which compares the speed of the various browsers in the market including Firefox 3.05 and Chrome 1.0 with IE8. The test result was encouraging, proving IE 8 to be the fastest browser among its competitors.

         Have a look at the Video..!


         The Results are,

             Internet Explorer 8 Loads faster on

                                  * 5 of the Top 10 websites

                                  * 12 of the Top 25 websites

                                  * 3 Times as many as FireFox

                                  * 1/3 more than Chrome

        Surprising..! I love using Internet Explorer 8..!

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Outstanding Performance as an MSP Award from Microsoft

Posted by hilbertv on March 14, 2009

        It was my happiest moment to receive the ‘Outstanding Performance as an MSP’ Award from Microsoft during the Boot Camp (March 2009) at Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad.

        The Boot camp @ Microsoft IDC was of great enjoyment with Fun filled informative Tech sessions and networking with MS employees from various teams. It is even climbed to be the biggest boot camp ever with 150 MSPs all over India and it went for three full days.

             Outstanding Performance as an MSP Award

Siddharth Prakash, (Program manager | India MSP Team) handing over the Award to me in Disco Party exclusively for MSPs. On the left most is Mohamed Reza (Team Lease | India MSP Team)

         The sessions and proceedings during the Boot camp were,

Day 1: [ 6th of March, 2009 ]

         1. Address on Internship by MS India Campus Rec Team.

         2. Internship Test for Pre-final year students.

         3. Creative Skit on technology for Fun by MSPs.

Day 2: [ 7th of March, 2009 ]

          1. Keynote – Partima Amonkar (Director Academia, Microsoft)

          2. SQL Server 2008 – Fayaz, Swapna and Preetha (MSIT Business Intelligence Team)

         3. Application development with WM 6.0 – Abhinav Gujjar (MGSI Windows Mobile Team)

            4. Photo shoot

          5. Networking with MS Employees

          6. Application security – Varun Sharma (ACE Team)

          7. The Windows Azure Platform – Archis Gore ( Windows Live Team)

          8. The Three Musketeers:

                         i. Windows 7 – Siddharth Parakash (India MSP Team)

                        ii. IE 8 – Mohamed Reza (India MSP Team)

                             iii. A Presntation in WPF style – Mark D’Souza (India MSP Team)

           9. Disco party and Award distribution.

Day 3 : [ 8th of March, 2009]

            1. Cool Demos by MSPs

            2. Sharing Experience to Kick-Start MSPs – Hilbert V (MSP)

It was an unforgettable experience in my life..!

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nukeationMachine – Addin for VS2008

Posted by hilbertv on February 20, 2009

Developers typically spend a large amount of time creating the User Interface (UI) for software applications. Almost 60% of that time is used to create the same type of elements across different forms. nukeationMachine helps automate 40 to 60% of the entire UI design time by providing UI Bits – common elements used in any software application, for example, the OK/Cancel buttons – that can be created with a single click.

nukeationMachine works across C#®, Visual Basic .NET®, J#®, and Managed C++ on Visual Studio® 2008, as well as across Windows Presentation Foundation™ (WPF), Windows Forms®, ASP.net®, and DHTML. The UI Bits library for nukeationMachine contains over 1600 Bits of common elements that can be used to create any form of software application. See the Catalog section for a list of currently available UI Bits.

Aside from the vast library of pre-built UI Bits, nukeationMachine offers the ability to create your own UI Bits in any supported language or technology. Using the NxC Technology that powers the nukeationMachine engine, a UI Bit created in one language can be used in a project of any other language.

Scenario: UI Bits containing several buttons, a listbox, and a few labels is created in Visual Basic. The same UI Bits can be used in a C#, J#, or Managed C++ project without any code conversion. nukeationMachine takes care of the conversion for the user…!y1pZQ2kMVHPIFxIVKMCAmbc3RP6pXB7E6kaG9krDqOwYP4DTk64RWZQEwlD4RvWi6IsESRhiGt2aug

My User Review:



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AutoCollage: Summarize Your Adventures with a Click.

Posted by hilbertv on February 4, 2009

AutoCollage, an easy, novel framework for the automatic creation of representative collages from collections of photos, became available to the general public on Sept. 4 from Microsoft Research. Utilizing a collection of sophisticated technological techniques, AutoCollage is simple to use, produces attractive imagery, and, perhaps most important, is a whole lot of fun.

It works like this: AutoCollage—which works with either Windows Vista or Windows XP Service Pack 2 and above—cuts out interesting parts of photos and combines them together, following natural features as boundaries between images. The selected pieces are sized similarly and assembled into a pleasing whole.y1pxZlAJuxo_GDbs45jY3n3Yp8Q3YpmLNUobS_KSarfqzJfVLd382mogikMObqtUimtbx9bVBdVesQ

Photo: V.Hilbert, Microsoft Student Partner presenting the Technical Sessions.

“The most significant feature that differentiates AutoCollage is that it offers exceptionally sophisticated blending technology for photographs, powered by state-of-the-art computer-vision techniques.” – Alisson Sol, Dev.Manager, Incubation and Tech Transfer Team.

The AutoCollage application, driven by the Microsoft Research Cambridge Incubation team, is a result of worldwide collaboration. Although much of the work was performed at Microsoft Research Cambridge—with the Computer Vision, Incubation and Tech Transfer, Computer-Mediated Living, and Constraint Reasoning groups at that lab all making contributions—Microsoft Research associates in Redmond and Beijing also played key roles.

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